Hyde Park Storage

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Helpful Storage Hints

How much storage space do you need?

When selecting a unit, remember that the rent is determined by the unit's size. Let Hyde Park Storage help you choose a size which fits your requirements.

5x5     Size of an entry closet
Holds: Washer or dryer plus boxes
5x8     Size of walk-in closet
Holds: Extra furniture and boxes, or office furniture and boxes
10x10     Size of a small bedroom
Holds: Furnishings of a 2-bedroom apartment, or office furniture and files
10x15     3/4 Size of a 1-car garage
Holds: Furnishings of a 2-bedroom house plus extras, or office furniture, boxes and files

Contact us for pricing and availability.

Self storage is the most economical and convenient way to store your property.

Selecting a Storage Facility

In your search for the facility that would meet your storage needs, consider these ideas and questions:

Selection of a Unit

The size of the unit you select will be dependent upon how you intend to use that unit. For instance: will the items you put into storage boxes have to be positioned to be able to get into particular boxes or drawers, or will your items be put into storage with no need to get into the unit until the things are moved out of storage? If you need to have access to boxes or drawers, you may need a larger unit to be able to easily sort through the contents. Discuss this with the manager. Remember: a small, efficiently-packed unit will cost less than a larger unit in which the contents are poorly arranged.

Helpful Tips